About me

I love food.  I love thinking about it, reading about it, shopping for it, cooking it and, most importantly, eating it.

I'm brand new to blogging but hope this will be an opportunity to share my experiences, thoughts and musings with fellow foodies. 

I enjoy living in London, not least for the variety of restaurants, markets and shops.  I also have a real passion for travel and, of course, trying new foods when I do so.

I've always wanted a huge kitchen, with plenty of space for cooking and entertaining.  I dream of a kitchen big enough to have an island.  Imagine all the gadgets and equipment you'd have space for - bliss. 

To date, living in London has thwarted this ambition and I have a kitchen approximately the size of a matchbox.  This doesn't stop me cooking, it's just that I imagine cooking would be more fun with more space!