Friday, April 8, 2011

Feng Sushi - restaurant review

I first came across Feng Sushi eight years ago, when I came to London for a work placement.  I'm not sure Cardiff even had any sushi restaurants at the time, so I was blown away when I found out that Feng Sushi even did home delivery - such stuff as dreams are made on!

Fast forward a few years and apparently I'm not so easily impressed.

I'm afraid I didn't have my camera, so there are no photos - but to be honest, that's no great loss.  The food was average at best and the restaurant itself something akin to Wagamamas with brighter lighting.

We had to help ourselves to menus, wave our arms around to try and attract the waiter's attention to order and then we waited. 

We waited for our wine to turn up, which it did eventually.  We waited for our water, which didn't.  We waited and waited and waited for food.  45 minutes later, part of our order made it to the table.

The sushi was ok but extremely expensive for what it is (the prices on the website appear to be takeaway prices only).  For the same price, we could've eaten at Tsunami  - where the surroundings are luxurious, the staff (generally) attentive and the food high quality and inventive.  I haven't been for a little while and I think a return visit is definitely overdue.

Feng Sushi, hardly the stuff of dreams after all.

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