Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lounge Lover restaurant review

For those of you who don't know it, Lounge Lover is a cocktail bar in Shoreditch.  It also does food but cocktails are what it's really all about. 

We went last night, to make use of a half price offer.  Useful in these credit-crunchy times.

Walking into the bar is like entering another world.  A slightly crazy world at that.  Part antique shop, part boudoir, part 70s living room and wholly flamboyant.

The decor consists of (amongst other things): oversized champagne flutes, a giant disco ball, chandeliers, random taxidermy and some rather unnerving anatomy posters.  Check out the pics on the website.

In spite of all this, the cocktails still manage to take centre stage.  After much deliberation (there are pages to choose from) I plumped for the eponymous Lounge Lover.  Described on the menu as,
"A tantalising combination of Loungelover fig liqueur, sweet vanilla and zesty lemon oil finished with Loungelover Champagne".  Refreshing, well-balanced and extremely more-ish.

Next up was an Eastern Promise: vodka, rose, lychees and a squeeze of lime.  Perhaps slightly overly floral but delicious nonetheless.

I'd love to work my way through the entire cocktail list but, as the drinks are £££, that may take me some time.

The Japanese food on offer was good, if not great.  It's certainly not as inspired, or as well executed, as the cocktails.

We started with edamame, a very generous portion served warm and sprinkled with sea salt.  Prawn tempura rolls were tasty, with decent size prawns running through them.  Spicy tuna rolls were pretty average and tasted like they'd been made well in advance.  Spring rolls were light and crispy.  The highlight for me was the japanese croquettes.  Light fluffy, sweet pumpkin encased in crunchy, fine panko breadcrumbs and served with a sweet chili mayonnaise (which was so tasty we dipped various other bits of sushi in it too!).

Lounge Lover: totally eccentric, totally decadent.  An excellent date spot.

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