Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's your favourite cheese? (recipe)

I think this question is an excellent conversation starter - it really sorts the sheep from the goats.

If someone answers a) mild cheddar or b) babybel they're probably not going to be my kind of person.  

Personally, I can't quite make my mind up.  Right now, I'm dreaming of fondue, having just returned from the snowy French alps. I guess this means my current favourite cheese is actually three cheeses: comté, beaufort and emmental.  

We borrowed a fondue set from the local patisserie and had an awesome evening in our cosy alpine chalet, gathered round the big wooden dining table - fuelled by several bottles of local plonk and a big pot of bubbling cheese.  heaven.  

We improvised and made our fondue with white wine, instead of traditional kirsch.  Tasted amazeballs.

Easy cheese fondue recipe:

1 clove garlic
210g of cheese per person, cut into small cubes (comté, beaufort and emmental are traditional but you can experiment)
1 glass of white wine

Cubes of bread to serve - this works better if the bread is slightly stale. (we got through two baguettes between four but we're greedy!)

Rub the garlic round the inside of the fondue pan then throw away.

Add the wine and place the pot on the stove.  Bring the wine to the boil.

Reduce the heat slightly and add the cubes of cheese.

Keep stirring until all the cheese is melted, at which point you can transfer to the burner on the table.

Spear a cube of bread on your fondue fork and dunk into the melted cheese.


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