Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Christmas presents for foodie friends #3

Truffles might seem like an obvious Christmas present but I'm not talking about a box of chocolates.  How about snuffling out some truffles and arranging for a White Alba truffle to be be delivered to your loved one in time for Christmas?

Earlier this year I bought a truffle from Mister Truffle and had a very decadent weekend making all sorts of truffle-y delights - check out my post on Truffle Fest 2011 for more information.

Mister Truffle is arranging deliveries for Christmas, so get in touch with the lovely people there for a present guaranteed to be more popular than a box of chocolates!
Present ideas:
#1 Hashi: A Japanese Cookery Course
#2 Violet liqueur
#3 A White Alba Truffle

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  1. Oh what a brilliant idea. I might get these for my hubby. Thanks for sharing x


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