Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best Christmas presents for foodie friends #6 - slate cheese board

This slate cheese board is a brilliant idea, as you can write the name of the cheeses directly on it with a piece of chalk.  I recommend doing this before you start dinner, whilst you can still remember what they all are!

The Handpicked Collection stocks them here 

Best Christmas presents for foodie friends:

#1 For Japanese food lovers:

#2  For those who like an unusual tipple:

#3  For those who like the finer things in life:

#4 For the chilli-heads:
#5 For pizza addicts
Pizza stone


  1. I've actually decided that a job should be invented which is cheese board designer as I am excellent at compiling a cheese board. Did a mean one the other day. Wensleydale with maple syrup and blueberry was the star. Lets eat cheese and wine together soon!!

  2. Ooh, that sounds amazing! DEFINITELY need to eat cheese and wine together soon! xx


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