Friday, July 8, 2011

Moomba - restaurant review

I probably should learn my lesson and lay off special offers for a while but hey, the credit card's maxed out and a girl's gotta eat.

This week's disappointment was Moomba in Putney - according to the website this is "Putney's favourite neighbourhood restaurant and bar".  Really?? 

We went along because a) it looked rather nice on the website and b) there was 50% off food with a Tastecard.

The bar itself is perfectly pleasant and the staff nice enough.  Unfortunately the food just wasn't very good.  Nor was the wine. 

I won't spend too much time going into it - after all, the prices are reasonable to start with and we got 50% off, so it didn't break the bank. 

In short:
Prawn and avocado cocktail: watery sauce, weirdly mushed up avocado, average prawns
Chilli & lime Cornish crab cakes, mango salsa: Tasted like Mum had gone to Iceland.  No evidence of chilli, lime or mango.
Grilled sea trout, crayfish ravioli, samphire, champagne sauce: So salty it was inedible.

The side order of fries on the other hand were very good, so I'm willing to concede that some items on the menu might be better - perhaps the sharing plates, or something simple like a burger.  Unlikely to find out though, as I shan't be going back.

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