Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New chocolate discovery - Chocoholly

To be honest 'discovery' is a little bit of an overclaim, I was actually given this rather lovely bar of chocolate at a work conference.  Bonus.  It's a brand I haven't come across before so thought I would share with you (well not physically share, I'm afraid I've scoffed the lot!)

Anyway, the Chocoholly story: apparently Holly Caulfield, a Brighton based artist, was so inspired by the film Chocolat that she decided to train to become a chocolatier. 

All ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.  Most importantly the chocolate tastes delish.  I had the milk chocolate infused with geranium, which tastes of rose but that's by the by.  I'd like to get my sticky mitts on the cardamon and the chilli & coconut flavours too.

Very lovely packaging - I assume designed by Holly as she's an artist.

I had a quick peek at the stockists on the website, so I could tell you where to buy this yummy stuff.  Harvey Nicks and John Lewis in London, a load of places in Brighton and available online:

Apparently Holly also runs chocolate workshops in Brighton, which sound pretty darn good.

Geranium infused chocolate

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