Monday, August 22, 2011

The best Japanese restaurant in London?

Last week, Reiko of Hashi Cooking very kindly invited me to take a class from her Japanese Home Cooking course.  

I did the Beginners course with my sister a couple of months ago, so I knew I was in for an absolute treat and couldn't wait to go along.  Whilst I love learning how to make all the dishes, I have to admit that eating the dishes Reiko creates is my favourite part of her cookery classes.

The classes are taught in Reiko's kitchen in her gorgeous house in Wimbledon.  Never more than six students, you get plenty of attention and chance to ask any questions you might have.  Reiko pitches the classes just right - some of the prep work is done for you but you still get chance to get your hands dirty. Once the dishes are prepared you get to eat the fruits of your labour washed down with a nice chilled glass of white wine.

I make the recipes I learnt on the beginners course all the time (including tofu bags, miso aubergine and somen noodle soup).  I'll definitely be doing the same with the recipes I learnt last week: okonomiyaki, Japanese potato salad and tonkatsu skewers.

Reiko offers a range of four week courses, from beginners through to gourmet, as well as one day classes to learn to make gyozas, canapes and sushi.  At first glance, the classes might seem expensive but  all of the high quality ingredients are included and you get to eat in one of the best Japanese restaurants in London!


Okonomiyaki, garnished and ready to eat

Japanese potato salad

Japanese potato salad

Tonkatsu skewers

Sizzling away



  1. Indeed the best Japanese food in London, love all those dishes, and they are all so achievable!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  2. I can't wait for the recipe book. Also going to do the gourmet course later in the year. Reiko is brilliant. c


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