Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cut Bar - Young Vic restaurant review

The Cut Bar at the Young Vic is always a good bet for a drink if you're in Waterloo, I particularly like the little roof terrace - it's nothing fancy but it beats standing on the pavement.

I hadn't eaten there before but was quite impressed with lunch today.  I expected the menu to be nothing more than standard burger-fare, so was pleasantly surprised by how creative the dishes were. 

We shared three dishes between two of us, which was just about enough for lunch.

The fried plantain balls with cho-cho beet pickle, sour cashew cream and roast cumin were very good.  No idea what 'cho-cho beet pickle' actually consists of but there were lots of very interesting flavours.

Taramasalata with halloumi kebabs salad paprika & turmeric oils and blueberry vinegar was an odd combination.  The taramasalata was good but just unnecessary with halloumi, salt overload.

The alpine Salad with Jura cheese, tenderstem broccoli, croutons, leaves, flowers, thyme, and marmalade and blueberry dressing (minus the bacon) was good.  The salad leaves could've been a little fresher but the flavours were good and it sure did look pretty.

Waterloo is slightly lacking in decent lunch options, so it's always good to discover a new place. 

Fried plantain balls

Halloumi kebabs

Alpine salad

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