Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parma violet princess - a right royal cocktail

In honour of the lovely Princess Kate (Duchess of Cambridge.  whatevs), I invented a cocktail, using my new violet liqueur.

The liqueur is incredible - just like liquid parma violets but a bit naughty.  I love the bottle too - almost looks like it belongs on a dressing table!
The cocktail is very simple, very moreish and, not a little bit, dangerous (see moreish).

Pour a small amount of violet liqueur into a champagne flute (the liqueur has a very strong, distinctive taste so add to your own taste preference - but be warned it is 18%, so ups the ante on your drink)

Top up with chilled champagne/prosecco/cava (personally I think prosecco does just fine in this situation)

Sprinkle with edible gold stars or flakes.



  1. Where did you get the violet liqueur from? Had something similar in the bar at l'hotel in Paris. x

  2. I bought it from Amazon. It's absolutely delish and wasn't too expensive either, I think it was around £15


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