Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guilty pleasures

Things I know I shouldn't really like... except I really, really do

#1 Diet coke.  Addicted.
#2 Cheesy puffs.  They don't even need to be Wotsits.
#3 Party rings.  Mainly the pink ones.
#4 Monster munch.  Cried with joy when they reinstated the roast beef flavour.
#5 Mateus rose wine.  The shame.
#6 McDonald's fries.  Way better than BK.
#7 Milky bar buttons.  Yes, I know they're for children.
#8 Heinz tinned macaroni cheese.  Strangely comforting.
#9 Strongbow cider.  And no poncing about with ice.
#10 Hash browns.  Deep fried.  From my work canteen.

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