Monday, June 6, 2011

Brocca Antica - restaurant review

We're super lucky to have a really good Italian restaurant, Brocca Antica, a five minute walk from our new house.

We went there for dinner on the night we viewed our house and it definitely helped cement our choice!

The food and service are always excellent and, in spite of the fact we eat there about once a week, I still find I'm spoilt for choice.

On this visit, we shared mussels in tomato and garlic sauce to start, which were excellent.  I had seafood linguine for my main - delish.  Marc went for chicken wrapped in parma ham, which is one of his favourite things on the menu.

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it.  It's worth booking though, as the restaurant is always packed!

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  1. They must be paying you(!?), as I'm also local and live just around the corner and I think it's terrible service and atmosphere if you're unlucky enough to end up sdownstairs. I first went here when it opened a few years ago and the food was OK, not great, but OK. However, at around 10 when we were looking to pay the bill all the staff disappeared, apparently to eat their meal, so the whole restaurant just sat there waiting for 30 mins before anyone came out the kitchen. Said I'd never go again, but went back six months or so later and were seated downstairs. Do not take a table downstairs, it is a small box next to the kitchen and has no soft furnishing at all, which means it is so noisy it's impossible to hear yourself speak - when everyone starts raising their voices because of this, it's unbearable - we paid up left half way through the meal. Finally, my wife booked a table for New Year there through Top Table - even ringing the restaurant to ensure we wouldn't be downstairs - a day later they called back to confirm and say we'd been moved downstairs as they'd got too many people booked in. Typical of this place and I'll now never go back - please someone better take it over....

  2. Hi Kelvin

    I have to say that since writing the review we've had a couple of experiences where the service hasn't quite been up to scratch but the food's always been good.

    Sounds like you've had a couple of really bad experiences though.

    We usually eat there midweek, so haven't had to suffer downstairs. I will definitely heed your warning and not bother eating there if we ever do get seated by the kitchen.

    What I'd love to see in St Margarets is a decent gastropub. I think we're sadly lacking. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for your comments. c


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