Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Putney Fish & Grill - review

In spite of initial reservations, we had an excellent pre-Father's Day dinner at Putney Fish & Grill 

The fish display at the entrance was half-hearted to say the least - a measly selection of old looking fish on ice.  This should either be done properly, or not done at all.  I also object to paying a cover charge for bread.

We shared starters, as we'd already had a hefty selection of canapes at home.  Rach and I shared the scallops with green beans and hazelnut butter.  Nice enough but nothing to write home about.  Mum and Dad plumped for salt cod fritters with crushed pea aioli.  These were good - although bizarrely the peas weren't crushed...

The biggest success of the night was Rachel's whole crab.  Rach loves fiddly food.  She's in her element if her dinner requires tools.   The lamb chops were also declared excellent by Mum.
 There was an interesting, varied wine list, including some low sulphur wines.  (Although they didn't have our first or second choice...)

The bakewell tart was thoroughly delicious.
Wasn't sure if we were supposed to look at the beans or eat them!

Salt cod fritters.

Scallops with hazelnut butter

Tools ready for action

Lobby lobster

Whole crab - Rachel's dream meal

Rach in action

Rather nice cherry bakewell

slightly sorry fish display

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